AI-Powered Customer Insights Platform for Ecommerce Brands

Ivy Insights is an insights-as-a-service company. We utilize AI and ML to reveal paths to driving more sales for every dollar of ad spend. Additionally, we guide you to maximize sales based on data-driven insights.

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🕹️  Focus on high-intent buyers

Compelling ad campaigns begin with targeting people who have interests in your products.

We help you uncover what your high-intent buyers look like and where they come from, enabling you to invest ad spend exclusively on your ideal audiences.

📽️  Reveal customer trends

Each type of customers respond to the same products and ads differently. To acquire all customers profitably, we need to appeal to them in the way they prefer.

We reveal customer trends at scale, helping you attract each customer cohort with the right product offering, through the effective channel, at the best timing.

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